Tuesday, August 6, 2013

REDACTED is no longer REDACTED!!!

 REDACTED is no longer redacted! Our Kickstarter is LIVE!

THE SECRET PROJECT -- Click here to see!

I am so happy to finally be able to tell you all about what I have been working on for the last three months (four if you count my time coming up with the original idea and getting the courage to do something about it)
We have created a whole line of nerd nail wraps!!!!! (I know, its exciting!)
For those who don't know, nail wraps are basically instant manicures - they come in a few forms: pre painted and dried nail polish, stickers, hybrid sticker/nail polish, and vinyl heat-activated wraps (usually found in nail salons). I found these in sticker and nail polish form at the drugstore, and frickin fell in LOVE. I could have awesome nails without worrying about drying time, and with designs on them! Of course, I was a little disappointed with the designs available - super mainstream lame girly stuff. But I figured I could find better ones online.
Nope. Well, there were better designs, but they were just interesting, mainstream designs. I was going to buy them, as "good enough", and then I stumbled upon Bonnie Burton's Geeky Fingernails pinterest page. Now I already love Bonnie, but when I saw this page, I knew 'I must have cooler nail wraps.' She had space nails, mario nails, glitter fades, batman - it was amazing! The space nails, I wanted them. I NEEDED them. But no wraps available online.....
Over almost two weeks I went back to Bonnie's page over and over, longing, wanting...and then I saw Neil deGrasse Tyson repost a space nail wrap someone got from the UK. O.M.G.!!!!
It now had to be a thing. I searched and searched, and no US maker?!! This had to be fixed. I looked into suppliers, got a basic range for prices, and reached out to my amazing, amazing friend Jaimie Cordero. She founded Espionage Cosmetics a year and a half ago, and is just an amazing business woman. We talked for a week and pretty much danced around each other - I wanted to partner with her on this, but didn't want her to feel like I was co-opting her brand, and she really wanted to partner with me but didn't want me to feel like she was taking my idea. Eventually we both came out to each other about our fears, and this thing started! May 4, it was on, and now, August 5, the Kickstarter is live!
omg, omg, OMG! I have never had an idea of mine take off this big and still been fully involved. Its our baby! Mine and Jaimie, and it is insane. Also, her team is holy frak amazing! Everyone is on it, no one slacks off, and they are sharp! Talent and intelligence for days!
This would never have happened as quickly without them, and I am super glad it happened quickly, cause I'm seeing so many nail wraps coming out now. Essie has a line, Sephora has a line, Scratch and Incoco are growing fast, and now us, coming in to the game right in the middle with frakking unreal cool designs.
I am so overwhelmed by how awesome this is, and so grateful to be a part of such an unbelievable team. Thank you Espionage and thank you Jaimie! This would not have been even close to as amazing as it actually is without your vision, drive and awesome team!

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